60-Minute Quickie (Give or Take)

Palm Beach Mirage

Get your copy here: Amazon

Get your copy here: Amazon

Foreign Love - Part 1

The purpose of the Quickie Collection is to share a short story I write, edit, and publish in a day for you to enjoy in its entirety during the time it takes for you to finish your coffee while on break at work, get called in for your appointment to see the doctor, or perhaps while waiting for one of those microwaveable lasagna dinners to ding. If you've got a little bit of time, I've got a little escape from reality waiting for you right here.

15-Minute Quickie (Give or Take)

60 Minutes

Quickie Collection

​Make It Last

Every true romance begins with some sort of spark - whether it comes barreling in like a tsunami or builds gradually over time - love always has a beginning. This story will be a series of 60-Minute short stories (how many? I'm not quite sure yet) that loosely draw their inspiration from my own great loves. "If your life were a movie, would anyone want to see it?" Well, sure. After embellishing quite a bit! Fall in love all at once and then gradually over time with Alexa and Caleb in Foreign Love.

Elle G. Mraz

romance with depth

15 Minutes

Palm Beach Island in South Florida is known for its gorgeous ride along the Atlantic Ocean, its sprawling estates, and wealth on top of wealth. This particular short story was inspired by a segment from a local radio show, the KVJ Show. They read a Craigslist  missed connections story about a Palm Beach man seeking a woman from a kinky mask party on the island. They had some sort of exchange and that was all Elle needed to hear to let her imagination run wild. and write this short story for you to enjoy!